Some new paintings…

8 Jun

I created these three images for our ‘HIP HOP HEALERS’ TOUR FUN(d)RAISER on May 21. They represent three aspects/virtues of Tiger’s personality that inspire me most: her honesty, independence, and openness.



15 Mar

B.I.G. Tees – made for Queen Deelah’s BET 106 and Park appearance.

QUEEN DEELAH rockn some NEFRFRESHR designs on BET’s 106 and Park!

11 Mar

On Wednesday, March 9, 2011, our homie, and one of Oaktown’s finest, Queen Deelah got on the stage of BET’s 106 and Park for its Wild Out Wednesday showcase. This historic event was the first time an all-female showcase took place with a LIVE BAND. To mark the historic occasion, and the still unsolved murder of Notorius B.I.G., I pulled out all the stops, painting some of my most original/livest tees yet!

Unfortunately, Lady Blue’s tee-shirt was mysteriously torn before their performance on BET, so she rocked a leather vest which covered the majority of the shirt. No worries though, I do have pictures (taken before Deelah left for NYC) of both shirts and will post them as soon as I can get them off my camera (technical difficulties–bear with me). In the meantime, check out this video of the performance:

Dead Prez rockin’ two NEFRFRESHR designs…

1 Sep

STIC.MAN and M-1 of dead prez came into town on Aug. 27. After seeing the NEFRFRESHR tees in the corner, they both wanted to rock wit’ us. Of course, we obliged. STIC.MAN chose the ‘UNITY’ tee, and M-1 was attracted to the green ‘JIM CROW IS DEAD’ jawn.

Who’s gonna wear some NEFRFRESHR tees next? Stay tuned…

My Sun

13 Jul

The back: sunrise

The Front

This jacket/coat is inspired by mama earth, and of course, my wife, Ms. Ghislaine Jean-Mahone.


12 Jul


This shirt is inspired by the ancient spirits and ancestors that guide and protect us everyday.  I pulled the image from an African print, adding some of my own style to it.


12 Jul

This shirt was inspired by the number 3.


photo | joel de la rosa